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May 04

The Future Science of God Consciousness & Pineal Gland Activation

Trip-Artby Christina Sarich, Staff | Waking Times 

Many who have studied the workings of the pineal gland realize it has earned the name ‘the seat of enlightenment’ for good reason. The pineal is a transmitter of the spiritual or divine self as well as the grosser, earthly or physical self. Science is just beginning to unravel how this tiny endocrine gland in the center of our mind is able to turn humankind’s barbarous cravings into a yearning for oneness with Cosmic Consciousness or the ‘Kingdom of God Within,’ – while giving us the physical ability to realize it.

Modern medicine is altogether ignorant of the ‘ductless’ glands. The scientific study of endocrines and their hormones, in fact, is just shy of forty-five years standing, although about 170 years ago a French savant, Theophile de Bordeu, entered some study of the subject, including the making of an elixir which was injected into the skin of his subjects. His presumption that spirit was freed through a chemical process alone was wrong, however, he was correct in understanding the importance of neurochemistry in awakening the Cosmic Mind.[1] This does not mean that scholars and shamans, yogis, and seekers of spirit going back thousand of years are not well versed in the alchemical magic the pineal can induce.

Though a guru might tap a student on the forehead, giving what is called ‘shaktipat’ to induce an enlightened awareness or kundalini experience, all the guru is really doing is observing that a yearning spirit is ready to experience a dissolution of ego. When the time is ripe within any individual, be it from yogic practice, a karmic predisposition, a near-death experience or any number of other ‘priming’ activities, a neurochemical process unfolds from the tiny ‘spirit’ factory within the pineal itself. 

The Neurohormonal Cascade of God Consciousness

There are a few neurohormones produced by the pineal which are key to unlocking the secrets of the ages. When these hormones are released, under rare and specific circumstances, a spiritual big bang occurs. 

Melatonin production is instigated by the pineal gland in periods of darkness via indirect stimulation from the optic nerve, and this neurohormone modulates our sleep-wake states. Melatonin allows waking self-consciousness to rest, so that our body consciousness can focus on its work of repairing itself without the meddling distractions of the ego/body consciousness and the various physical activities of the body associated with being awake. Melatonin silences self-consciousness, but METAtonin goes one step further. It allows the consciousness to remain in-tact while freeing it from the confines of the ego-based physical body.[2]




May 04

Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist

MeridiansFeature4By Azriel ReShel

What the Merging of Spirituality and Science means for you

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner.

For centuries the ancient wisdom keepers and healers in several traditions had a keen understanding of the energetic body. The healing traditions from China, India, Japan and Tibet, as well as other countries all spoke of energy channels, meridians or nadis along which the vital energy flowed.

Life was considered to be a bio-electrical and vibrational energy phenomenon and so health revolved around balancing energy through various means. Life existed because of life force and energy running through and animating the body, ensuring we can move, breathe, digest food, think and even feel.

Meridians3Healing traditions all spoke of energy channels, sen, meridians or nadis.

Energy channels

This vital life force or chi, is composed of two kinds of forces, yin and yang, and flows along a sophisticated network of energy pathways, or highways, circuiting the body. Over 2000 years ago ancient cultures knew of the existence of these energy channels. They were called ‘sen’ in Thailand, ‘nadis’ in India, ‘meridians’, ‘channels’ or ‘vessels’ in China and Japan, and ‘channels’ in Tibet. In India, where many eastern healing arts developed, there were said to be 72 000 nadis or energy pathways. Disease is believed to be a blockage in the energy flow of these channels. A range of healing traditions, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage and yoga, are founded on the principle of the existence of energy channels or pathways, known as meridians, or nadis, running around the body in an expansive network.




May 04

The largest study of life forms ever has estimated that Earth is home to 1 TRILLION species

347328044_1024There are more species on Earth than stars in our galaxy.

by Peter Dockrill

The largest scientific study of its kind estimates that Earth could play host to more than 1 trillion different species, which means we’ve probably only identified a vanishingly small proportion of them – only about one-thousandth of 1 percent.

To figure this out, biologists in the US combined more than 35,000 separate analyses of microscopic and non-microscopic species. This massive compilation of documented life forms covered 5.6 million species sampled from locations across all the world’s oceans and land masses (excluding Antarctica), and if the scientists are correct in their estimates, we’ve got a long way to go before we’ll have seen all that Earth has to offer.

“Estimating the number of species on Earth is among the great challenges in biology,” said one of the team, Jay T. Lennon from Indiana University. “Our study combines the largest available datasets with ecological models and new ecological rules for how biodiversity relates to abundance. This gave us a new and rigorous estimate for the number of microbial species on Earth.”

While this isn’t the first attempt by scientists to gauge the number of living creatures on the planet, new advances in genetic analysis mean it’s much more likely to provide an accurate estimate than outdated methods used in the past – especially when it comes to microscopic life forms.




May 04

Is the Universe Fractal in Nature?


In general, the word fractal means “never-ending pattern”. One of the most well-known fractal patterns is the Mandelbrot set. According to, fractals are “infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc. Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over”.

As described on

A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. It is also known as expanding symmetry or evolving symmetry. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern. An example of this is the Menger Sponge.[1] Fractals can also be nearly the same at different levels. This latter pattern is illustrated in the magnifications of the Mandelbrot set.[2][3][4][5] Fractals also include the idea of a detailed pattern that repeats itself.[2]:166; 18[3][6]

Below is a great video that shows scientific evidence of how our reality and the Universe are fractal in nature.

Fractals – Hunting The Hidden Dimension




May 03

Though free to think and act…




May 03

Authenticity: Finding Your Soul Within The Dreams Of Reality


“Be yourself.”

This is the sage old advice your Mother and friends have given you countless times. But why is it so hard to apply to your life? Why is it so hard to “be yourself”?

Perhaps it’s because you don’t know who you really are.

As a teacher of Involution the first obstacle I see fellow travelers come across trying to find their path in life, is the realization that they don’t know who they are.

They fail to listen to their inner souls, and instead create mental ideas (dreams) of what they should be like and begin to doubt themselves whether they are living up to them.   Afterwards they seek comforting validation by asking me questions like: “Is this what Spiritual People do?”,  “If I can’t do ____ does that mean I’m not an Introvert?”, and “Do all Old Souls like ___ and _____ ?”

In this article I want to explore our lost authenticity and how we can learn to find our genuine selves by learning to love ourselves.

A Child’s Authenticity

Watching children play and hearing their genuine laughter is one of the greatest beauties in life.

We were all born as children filled with life, a sense of wonder, and the desires to explore or create and live in the moment.  Children have no past baggage or future anxieties so they express what they feel and aren’t afraid to love unconditionally.

After the age of 3, however, children start to become more tamed.  This happens to all of us.  Something changes within us and we begin to lose that wonder, that innocence of childhood.  Our thoughts become more dominant putting our authentic feelings in the background.  Slowly we begin to focus more on these thoughts, and in doing so, we begin to accumulate past baggage and future anxieties.

The Birth Of Dreams

This process of losing your authenticity and replacing it with thoughts in the form of fears, shameful memories, rules, social values and beliefs is known as domestication.

Our domestication can turn into a disease if our parents do not have the awareness and wisdom of what they are passing on.  Just like pets, we are domesticated with an emotional reward or punishment system.  If our behavior is desirable we are rewarded with attention and affection.  If our behavior is not acceptable we are punished by the rejection of our parents or peers.




May 03

The peace of non-reactivity

Image1by Brian Thompson.

There is a profound peace found only in non-reactivity.

This is the stillness of the true Self, imbued with the natural aura of its gracious humility and total understanding, as expressed through the absolute and unquestioned acceptance of all that Is.

This is the conscious realization of aware presence, empty of effort and without resistance.

This is the essence of absolute awareness.

It is only the imagined self—the self-perceived identity—who can become offended by another person’s words, or who feels that it needs to defend its personality, character, beliefs and opinions.

It is only this false self who is angered by whatever it believes might threaten the security of its false facade. It is only the ego who demands respect—it cannot tolerate being challenged.

Do not be stirred by the swelling of any emotions that tempt your retaliation, your sarcastic retort, or your spiteful reply.

Do not entertain any demands from the ego whatsoever.

Mindfully observe the storm of thought that swirls within you. React not. Silence your serpentine tongue and observe your mind’s egoic activity with curious attention.

To whom do these thoughts appear? Who is the “I” these thoughts seek to defend?

Quiet the mind and these answers will become clear.

There is no entity called I—there is only egoic thinking, to which your mind has become emotionally attached.




May 03

Shungite: The Carbon Crystal With Cancer-Fighting Properties

raw-shungite-672x372When everything is fundamentally made of energy in this universe,

One of the most interesting crystals out there is also one of the least known. I had only recently found out about Shungite and it’s incredible properties. This sleek, black crystal is estimated to be a staggering 2 billion years old. It is almost 100% made out of the carbon atom and can only be found in one place – a deposit near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia.


It is a compound containing 60 carbon atoms shaped like a soccer ball shaped hollow cage. There are many different studies examining it as an antioxidant, and a “radical sponge” that can soak up free radicals.

It has been used to purify Russia’s water for centuries. It is supposedly one of the only known natural sources of Fullerenes on Earth. Fullerenes are what makes this unique crystal so special.

Fullerenes, also known as buckyballs are carbon molecules that make up many different shapes including tubes, ellipsoids, spheres and icosahedra – which are 20 sided shapes.

For the first time, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected little spheres of carbon, called buckyballs, in a galaxy beyond our Milky Way galaxy.These fundamental shapes are what make up these atoms themselves, and everything in our universe. Not not properties of these shapes but the actual shapes themselves are the tiny structures of geometry that make up the fabric of reality itself.

Fullerene C60 contains a high amount of carbon and because of it’s modulation of oxidative stress, anti-angiogenesis, and immunostimulatory activity 1it contains possible anti-tumor effects.

Because of it’s properties, make up and shape, fullerenes can enter the body and be absorbed by HeLa cells, which are essentiallycancer cells. With the combination of using light radiation and fullerenes, this creates enough oxygen that damages the DNA, proteins and lipids which make up the structure of the cancer cell.

Enough cellular damage will force the cancerous cells to go though apoptosis, which is the process of a cell death. Ultimately, this reduces the size of tumors and can essentially eradicate the cancer from your body.




May 03

The 12 Most Important Truths About Enlightenment

maxresdefault-2-1074x483Enlightenment is not a remote state of Consciousness that we need to achieve some time in the future, but it is the very heart of our nature. Enlightenment is our true, inner nature. Unfortunately, during our spiritual search, most of us have been alienated from it; so much so, that we have even forgotten about it. It is, however, permanently present in our life, but we simply disregard it. Our attention is always engaged by something, something that we need to deal with, so we very rarely take the trouble of looking into ourself. Still, if we were able to concentrate our attention on ourselves, that brief moment of alert Consciousness would be enough for us to recognize that the alert Consciousness, free of emotions and thoughts is our true inner nature. In the state of alert Consciousness thoughts will no longer keep our attention in captivity, and we may experience silence. In the alert silence we recognize the following truths:

  1.  We experienced the nature of desires, the constant variability of the world of shapes and forms, where nothing is lasting, everything is dialectical, changeable. We is able to abandon its desires and ambitions.
  2. We wake up from the hypnotic spell of our personal history. We no longer believe in what we have firmly regarded as our own personal history. This experience may lead us to the point of questioning the truth of what we believed to be true in connection with ourselves.
  3. When we wake up from the sleep of personal identity we recognize that we are the free space of Consciousness. We are not identical with the shapes and forms appearing in this space, but we are the space itself, the space that enables the forms and shapes to appear and that keeps the forms and shapes alive.
  4. Our internal development therefore does not only depend on our life experience; it depends much more on our ability to divert our attention from the outside world to our internal world. Are we able to turn away from the patterns of Mind, programmed by our Egos, and is there a deep desire to know the true answer to the question ”Who am I?”
  5. Real self-control is not born in us out of suppression, but out of the recognition and understanding of the meaning of Life. That kind of self-control will liberate our Consciousness from the state of identification with the world of Shapes and Forms. It will create a space between us and the functions of the Mind, and in that space the ability of seeing and understanding will be born.




May 03

Happiness of the Awakened Heart

by Frank M Wanderer

6984799-lotus-flowerHave you ever witnessed when a bird welcomed the rising sun with its song at dawn? Its heart overflows with joy, and it must share its happiness, the chant of its heart, with the whole wide world. Why cannot we live like that, to celebrate life like that?

Because we are submerged deep in the troubled world of our Mind, and we are unable to experience that emotion. We live in powerful identification with our senses, emotions and thoughts in a world characterised by continual stress, struggle and suffering.

This is a permanently changing, chaotic world, where everything has its opposite: pleasure is accompanied by sorrow, happiness by unhappiness, success by failure. This world does not have the permanence, the harmony that could serve as a foundation for the chant of the heart, that is, the experience and expression of the everlasting joy.

We all have a deep desire for harmony and joy, characterized by all-permeating love and tranquility. That is a harmony that can be disturbed neither by solitude nor by a company. That is a freedom that is not affected by oppositions and controversies. It is only under those circumstances that the chant of the heart will be heard in our soul. But how are we able to achieve that harmony?

For creating the possibility for that in our life, we must recognize the fact that we are not able to find the desired harmony as long as we identify with our Mind and its constantly changing contents. We need to realize that we are not identical with our body and Mind. It is, however, not sufficient to be aware of that, we also need to experience that.

In the course of our life we gather an immense amount of experience of different kinds. Gathering experience is at the same time a process of learning, we learn from our experience. Is that really true? The majority of people do not seem to learn from their experience, since they repeat the same mistake again and again. What is the reason for that? The value of an experience always comes from our being present at the time and place of the experience concerned. In most cases, however, we are only present physically when something is happening to us, and our attention is almost always somewhere else.

Our attention is either engaged by our past memories, or our plans for the future. The experience in these cases simply happens to us, and we do not learn anything from it. In other words, the experience leaves no trace in us.




May 02

Do not follow where the path may lead…

Leaving the path



May 02

Intelligence – Why It Is Not Understood and What Is It Really?

teaserbox_41017104by Paul A Philips

Like me, you’ve surely heard it at some time in your life how somebody has been regarded as intelligent with comments like: “He she must have a high IQ…” However, to describe intelligence as IQ (intelligence quotient) is like telling a troglodyte i.e. someone who’s never seen a house before that a house is a kitchen! Granted, a kitchen is of course included in the makeup of a house, but as IQ is to intelligence it is only part of the whole picture.

Since IQ is an inadequate way of describing intelligence it’s no wonder that the IQ test has been criticised. It is biased towards middle/upper class westernised left-brained individuals while greatly lacking consideration to creativity, assessment of well-rounded character and practical everyday handling of things. In light of this it may not come as a surprise that IQ doesn’t always reflect how successful someone will be in life.

The reason for IQ and its test (American school SAT no different) getting so many acceptances has much to do with the global ruling elite controlling the planet and their education agenda for the masses. As I have explained in message #5 “The Education System Deception” the ruling elite only want you to fit into their corporate based compulsory standardised education system which serves to indoctrinate and control. This is the reason for this purposely limited intelligence paradigm, IQ, and it has served them well.

cache_41011529IQ and the ego trip

For some, IQ is a kind of status symbol. Those scoring quite significantly over 100 are considered incredibly bright, which is why some people spend so much time and money on intelligence questions to boost their IQ score. There are websites that will train you to boost your IQ to a high score for a fee with a certificate at the end of it. It’s done by memory, methodology and technique: “Look at me everybody I’ve got an IQ of 148…”.Yes, folks, intelligence can be bought. –Yet another example of ego, pea-brained behaviour.

Anyone who focuses their attention and intention on something will inevitably develop, no matter what it is, but it would be quite stupid to think that in the above circumstance a person has become more ‘intelligent.’ Secondly, any IQ over 145 is untrustworthy due to the nature of the test scoring and the higher it gets the more speculative it becomes. Don’t fall for the IQ intelligence myth, hype and speculation. For example, when famous chess players and scientists are said to have IQ’s of 180 or over…

The warehouse analogy

Another myth about intelligence, which amuses me, is the false belief that intelligence is related to how many facts a person knows. Just because someone is a hot contender for winning a quiz with a head bulging full of facts doesn’t necessarily mean that he she is incredibly intelligent. How come? It cannot be said that someone like this has a great capacity for learning because this person may have just spent endless hours cramming and storing these meaningless facts into their small warehouse brain…




May 02

Ancient Medicine: Black Seed Oil’s 21 Powerful Health Benefits

black-seed-cumin-nigella-sativa-735-265Nigella sativa protects against diabetes, cancer, MRSA, much more

by Christina Sarich

Also known as cumin or caraway seed, black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used for over 2000 years and is viewed as a healing wonder, with research suggesting that it could be helpful in fighting illnesses of all kinds. Over 600 peer-reviewed studies prove that this amazing little seed has more than 20 ‘pharmacological actions‘ on the body when taken in food or as a supplement. Yes, black seed oil benefits are plentiful, and you will learn about them here.

The earliest medicinal application of black seed is traced back to ancient Egypt. The Assyrians there called black seed “tin tir” and ingested it to cure stomach problems. Externally, they used it to treat the eyes, nose, and mouth, and for skin inflammations such as rashes, bites, and sores. The Egyptians called it a panacea, and a bottle of it was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Nigella Sativa has (Minimally) These Pharmacological Actions on the Body

  • 1. Analgesic (pain-killing)
  • 2. Anti-bacterial
  • 3. Anti-ulcer
  • 4. Anti-inflammatory
  • 5. Antihistamine
  • 6. Anti-cancer
  • 7. Anti-cholinergic
  • 8. Anti-fungal
  • 9. Anti-hypertensive
  • 10. Antioxidant
  • 11. Antispasmodic
  • 12. Antiviral
  • 13. Bronchodilator
  • 14. Gluconeogenesis inhibitor (anti-diabetic)
  • 15. Hepatoprotective (liver protecting)
  • 16.Hypotensive
  • 17. Insulin sensitizing
  • 18. Interferon inducer
  • 19. Leukotriene antagonist
  • 20. Renoprotective (kidney protecting)
  • 21. Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibitor

Many Black Seed Oil Benefits Abound

black-seed-oil-cumin-nigella-735-350-2Just a few highlights of the many black seed oil benefits on health include:

There are three natural phytochemical compounds in black seed oil that produce a tremendous benefit that researchers were very surprised to discover. The three compounds are thymoquinone (TQ), thymohydroquinone (THQ), and thymol. Scientists learned that all three compounds show 100% inhibition for 30 different pathogens that were evaluated; TQ was the best anti-fungal compound against dermatophytes and yeasts, and thymol was the best anti-fungal against mold.




May 02

15 Beautiful Quotes That Will Awaken Your Soul

aasoul-672x372Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae, there will never be a butterfly.

The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”
– Ramana Maharshi

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment. The eternal makes you urgent. You are loath to let compromise or the threat of danger hold you back from striving toward the summit of fulfillment.”

– John O’Donohue

“As soon as you look at the world through an ideology you are finished. No reality fits an ideology. Life is beyond that. … That is why people are always searching for a meaning to life… Meaning is only found when you go beyond meaning. Life only makes sense when you perceive it as mystery and it makes no sense to the conceptualizing mind.”

– Anthony de Mello

“A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born.”

– Unknown

“When one realises one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake.”

– P.D. Ouspensky

“You are your master. Only you have the master keys to open the inner locks.”

– Amit Ray

“No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery. You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature universe that you yourself are.”

– Banani Ray

“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis. If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae, there will never be a butterfly. The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.”

– Alejandro Jodorowsky

“Remember seeker, our earthly perceptions of reality are just an illusion.”

– Unknown

“Awakening is the ultimate of religion. Religion is, not really, in believing something outside of your being. It is not in believing or following some authoritative figure, the church, temple, organization or any ideological system of belief. Religion is trusting in what is eternal within you.”

– Unknown




May 02

Ego – Alertness – Consciousness: 3 Stages in the Evolution of the Human Spirit

by Frank M Wanderer

universe-1044107_1920The development of the human spirit has three stages. This development begins with separated ego, “me” and ends in the free space of Consciousness.

EGO –The Unconscious Patterns of the Mind 

The Ego is the central figure of our personal history, based upon the past and looking into the future. The components of the Ego are thoughts, emotions, memories (with which the person identifies as “my story”), fixed unconscious roles and collective identifications (nationality, religion, etc.). Most people completely identify with these components of the Ego, and for them no self “outside” of this exists.

Our identification with the Ego makes us therefore somebody, a personality. Since around us everybody considers the Ego as the most important centre of their life, we are also brought up by our parents to have a powerful Ego, a centrepoint in our life, by the time we reach adulthood. That is why we always watch the other people, we compare and measure ourselves to them. All that time, we also try to adjust our actions and deeds to the expectations and opinions of others. We keep dealing with the past and the future, and we never have sufficient time to stop and notice the immense illusion behind our life. On the other hand, our identification with the Ego will be the root of all our problems and misery.

ALERTNESS – Gate to Infinity

The gateway leading us to the deeper dimensions of Life is Alertness, which appears as a result of the release of our attention from the hypnotic state of listening to our personal story. The new Alertness enables us to learn about ourselves without identifying with our thoughts and emotions.

What we first experience in this new, alert state beyond our thoughts and emotions is the completeness of existence. In that state all fragmentation disappears from our life, we recognize the inner spaciousness of our existence, our inner happiness and tranqulity. We feel at home in our own skin, and we realize that our alert consciousness is free from all kinds of thoughts and emotions. We then may decide whether we wish to continue to listen to our personal story, or we move further on, towards the quiet foundations of our existence.




May 02

Why Education Must Come Back to Nature

By Will Stanton | Guest writer for Wake Up World

Why-Education-Must-Come-Back-to-Nature-2-330x236“Unless we are willing to encourage our children to reconnect with and appreciate the natural world, we can’t expect them to help protect and care for it.” – David Suzuki

Humanity has lost its connection with the Earth. As a species, we too easily distance ourselves from the war being waged on the environment. Most of us are opposed to the destruction of the Amazon rainforest and the oil pollution in our oceans, yet we continue to let it all happen. We care, but we don’t care enough to put a stop to all the madness. Why? Because we have lost touch with nature. Sadly, we do not feel the planet’s hurt. Her cries of protest are falling on deaf ears. For the most part, we have become anaesthetised by modern society and the trappings of economic pragmatism.

We have a responsibility to the future generations to make sure they do not make the same mistake that we have made in severing our connection to the land. Our children must learn to empathise with the natural world if our species is going to reverse the damage we have done. The youth are the future caretakers and custodians of the planet, and the Earth’s fate will one day rest in their hands. The only way for our children to experience a real connection with nature is to immerse them in nature. Education cannot be confined to the classroom. We cannot teach our children about plants, animals, rocks and streams through textbooks and computers. They need to experience these things for themselves in the real world. They need to get out of the classroom as much as possible and learn through direct exposure to the natural environment.

Children need to be given the freedom to explore and discover the world around them. I’m not talking about excursions or field trips that happen once every year or two, or even the occasional school camp… I’m talking about a revolution in education where children regularly spend time learning outside the traditional classroom. One of the big problems with the education system is that we think that in order for children to learn they have to intellectualise everything. We think that they don’t gain any important lessons unless they can put pen to paper and demonstrate they have acquired the concepts set out in the curriculum. What our schools keep failing to understand is that life xperience imparts a far greater wisdom than any teacher could. The rivers and the mountains and the songbirds have much to teach us, but as pupils we make no attempt to understand the language they are speaking. If we only learned to attune to that language, we would defend and protect the natural world at any cost.




May 01

7 Reasons to Take the Road Less Traveled

the-road-less-traveled-alain-villeneuveGoing against the grain isn’t always easy, but it’s usually worth it.

We’re encouraged to follow our dreams, but not all dreams are created equal. Sometimes living the life we want to live means making choices that go against the expectations of our families, communities, or cultures—and facing stigma, isolation, and uncertainty as a result. But taking the road less traveled has many advantages. Here are seven of them.

1. Less fear of failure. While nothing in life is risk-free, some paths have clearer roadmaps than others. Carving a new path tends to involve a lot of trial and error, which can also mean a greater potential for failure. But experiencing failure more often can help us change our relationship to it, viewing it as a learning opportunity rather than a diagnosis of our ability. This growth mindset can, in turn, make success more likely.

2. Thicker skin. Facing judgment and disapproval for our choices can be painful. But over time it becomes clear that others’ judgment often has more to do with their own fears and insecurities than our shortcomings. They might feel betrayed, confused, or even envious. Seeing things from this angle can help us take hurtful comments less personally and increase our empathy.

3. More tolerance of differences. There are certainly times when the road less traveled is an insular one that promotes a sense of superiority and intolerance. But more often than not, those who have gone against the grain recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to happiness and there are many different ways to lead a fulfilling and moral life.

4. Unexpected community. Taking a different path than the majority of one’s peers can be lonely at times, but it can also open up new possibilities for connection. For example, even though writer Cheryl Strayed set out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on her own, as documented in her memoir, Wild, she found community with other hikers and with the wilderness itself, saying, “the wilderness had a clarity that included me.”




May 01

The Truth About Energy and Life Force

the-truth-about-energy-and-life-force-1040x650There are no mistakes in this world, we are all part of a universal masterpiece. We are bigger than you think, we are bigger than we have been conditioned to believe. As we move through the evolution of thought we are beginning to remember that there is more, we are beginning to remember that we are the creators.

In order to create reality, science, spirituality and consciousness are all showing us that all things are alive with energy. As the quantum field begins to uncover a new understanding of our physical world, the ancient indigenous cultures are stirring with anticipation as we reconnect to knowledge they have held since the dawn of man. Prophecies are being fulfilled almost daily and there are only a few left.

For the past 250 years we have been taught to think our way through life, we have been taught to take the energy we need from our fellow man. Whether it is resources, physical labour, power, or fame. We have been taught wrong. We have been conditioned to believe that progression is based on lack, domination and fear.

Today as we begin to remember to feel our way through life via our higher self, our heart, our gut, or whatever name one chooses to call it. We are seeing that the planet itself is the balance of life, mother earth is the giver and taker of all the energy we could ever need, both positive and negative. We can get our energy from the mountains, the trees, the oceans, the wind, and the rivers. When you feel weak it is not right to attack someone else emotionally or physically, all we do is hurt one another and perpetuate the cycle of lack and limit. Nature will take that negative energy from you and bring balance to your life, topping you up with positive energy.

It is time to stop taking energy from one another. We have become so wrapped up in this commercial illusion that has been painted for us that we base our energy level, our thoughts, our emotions, our self esteem, on what other peoples thoughts and opinions are. It is time we start getting our energy from nature once again. No longer must you give your power and your energy, to someone else on the bases of their opinion or “norm”. The cycle of acceptance and social security is an illusion.

We are here to be who we are, we are not here to fit into groups or meet certain stereo types or criteria, we are not meant to take energy from one another. Earth is the great balance of polarity, we exist on earth for a reason. We do not feel captive by the earths thoughts or opinions of us, so why do we feel captive by other peoples thoughts of us or society’s thoughts of us? Because we are using energy wrong.




May 01

3rd Century Skeleton Mosaics Unearthed That Read: “Be Cheerful And Live Your Life”

A remarkably well preserved mosaic has recently been unearthed by Turkey Archaeologists in the ruins of a 3rd century construct in Hatay province on the Turkish-Syrian border, where the ancient Greek-Roman city of Antiocheia had once thrived. The art piece is believed to have been the centerpiece of a mosaic floor in what was likely the triclinium (dining room) of an elegant villa.

The mosaic depicts three scenes, the first being a skeleton lying down, leisurely sipping on a drink with the motto “Be cheerful and live your life” written on either side of his head. The middle scene depicts a lavish young man, likely the descendant of the home’s owner, reaching toward a sundial on sun column with what appears to be a servant behind him; the sundial reads between the times of 9:00 and 10:00 pm, the text indicating that he is late for dinner. A large portion of the third scene is missing, but we are able to see the head and arms of a person wielding a flame, believed to indicate the warming of a bath.

These are not the only skeletal mosaics that have been dated to around this time. The two mosaics below were unearthed in ancient Pompeian villas, the first depicting a skeleton holding a pitcher in either hand, likely indicating a passion to party. The second depicts what appears to be a reclining corpse and is believed to read “know they self, or else.”




May 01

Remind Me Again, Why Did I Incarnate To This Sh*thole?


Did you ever wonder why you decided to incarnate to these lower vibrations of the third density?

When we were back on the other side with Source, life seemed so easy.  We had the answers to all universal questions and lived in the complete vibration of love.  There was no dissension, hatred, ego, or financial concerns, just love.

After many years of being in this vibration, you forgot what it was like to live in a 3rd dimensional vibration, yet you were fortunate enough to have been here in at least one other previous incarnation and you remembered how your spiritual progression was raised exponentially by being in a world full of duality.

You swore to yourself that this time, you would not allow the lower third dimensional vibrations to bring you down. You planned on bringing back the vibration of love with you to this planet, but your memories of being with Source were once again wiped from your immediate memories as the 3rd dimensional brainwashing began, yet again.

From birth, you were indoctrinated into a system that promotes subservience, control and conformity.  You always felt cognitive dissonance over this but weren’t sure why.  It seemed like everybody else was conforming to this system and this is the way it is supposed to be.

You attended school and sometimes caught yourself daydreaming as if your higher self was telling you, “A formal education is not what is important in life.”

As a child, you were taught how to play sports and learned aggressive, self-serving behaviors that only reinforced the divide and conquer mentality that is forced upon us by our societal expectations.

You were pacified with mundane television programs that not only took you further away from who truly are, but helped to influence what you thought, wore, ate, drank, etc..

As you grew older, you started to discover how corrupt this system has become on Earth, not only in your home country, but all over this planet.  You begin to seek answers to questions that are not taught in school, such as “What is the origin of human existence?” and “Why are there so many opposing religions when there is only one Source?”

You become trapped in a system that relies on monetary success in order to survive, making you an economic slave to the few that control the many. Unknowingly, you become part of that system.

So, why did I decide to incarnate to this shithole?

Every one of these situations gave you a chance to learn and grow spiritually.  For a while, you simply forgot how these challenges would benefit you. You knew that at some point in this incarnation, you would awaken to find your true self along with your purpose for being here.




May 01

The Pendulum of the Mind: Between Sense and Nonsense

asense1by Gary Z McGee

“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” ~ Carl Jung

Out beyond notions of possible and impossible there is a mysterious space where radical creativity is free to take place –I dare you to meet me there. Between Time and timelessness there is a third thing: imagination. In this sacred-between, within this transcendent space, even the impossible is possible: squared circles, four-sided triangles, two plus two equals five. Indeed. On a long enough timeline, the probability of anything is everything.

What’s faster than the speed of light? Thought; imagination; vision. You can imagine light moving between Alpha Centauri and Earth quicker than the light takes to get there. You might ask: well, so what? How does any of this matter in the “real world?” Good question. Or rather: good question perceptually; bad question actually. Perceptually, things need to make sense; actually, they don’t. At the end of the day, we must be okay with making an extremely low percentage of “sense” out of an exceedingly high degree of overwhelming nonsense. Make sense? Pun intended.

Perhaps one way to make sense out of the universe is to embrace nonsense. Maybe imagination is more powerful than knowledge, as Einstein suggested. After all, it did take him imagining himself riding a photon through space in order to come up with the theory of relativity. It makes no “sense” that Prometheus could steal fire from the gods and bring it back as a gift to us mortals.

It’s nonsense on top of nonsense. And yet, it somehow makes sense. Perhaps the only reason the “pendulum of the mind” oscillates is because of the illusion of the clock which contains it. Between sense and nonsense there is a third thing: meaning. And with Meaning we can create and destroy gods.


“We are all scientists, trying to make sense of the stars inside us.” ~ Christopher Poindexter

The thing is, the universe is not obligated to make sense to us. Really, it makes no “sense” that things should ever make sense. It’s more like they make sense and don’t make sense at the same time, intermittently, in the throes of each other like a wave with its trough. Even if we could reach a point to where we believed everything made sense, there would still be some nonsense, real or imagined, that would inevitably creep in and muck up the sense of it all. Oh the futility of it all.




May 01

The relativity of our Self ~ Alan Watts



Apr 30

The Art of Breathing


Mindful breathing can reduce stress, increase feelings of good will and keep us present in the moment

Image1Breathing is fundamental to life – an automatic process that, for the most part, we take for granted. It is only when we experience difficulties in this area, that the ability to breathe with ease is truly appreciated. Further more, research on exhalation has shown our breath to be completely unique to the individual – similar to a fingerprint; our breath contains a characteristic molecular “breathprint”.

Our breath is one of the most basic connections we have to our environment. Each time we inhale and exhale, we receive and give to our natural environment. This is a simple yet profound connection. We eliminate up to 70% of our body’s waste through our lungs. Clean air is vital to maintaining the delicate balance of life on our planet.

Our breath is one of the most basic connections we have to our environment

To Breathe Well is to Live Well

Our breath is connected to our emotional state. Have you ever noticed how your breathing changes when you feel anxious? We tend to take more shallow breaths when we’re nervous, and even shorter and faster breaths when we experience panic. When we feel tense we hold our breath, pausing at the top of our inhaled breath before we exhale again. Anger affects our breath by forcing long inhales and exhales. In a calm state we breathe slow and steady, and our breathing becomes shallower with relaxation, similar to when we begin to fall asleep.

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath. ― Amit Ray

Breathing is unique in comparison to other automatic functions of the body, in that it can also be regulated voluntarily. Techniques of using the breath to direct and improve the body’s energy, and aid in the release of emotions, dates back thousands of years.

To breathe well is to live well. We are all born with the mastery of breathing. As babies we naturally practice deep abdominal breathing. As we get older, stressful lifestyles and fear affects how we breathe. Breathing from the abdomen is essential because the blood in the lowest part of the lungs is rich in oxygen. This diaphragmatic breathing, or baby breathing, triggers the body’s relaxation response. If you are using your diaphragm well, you will see your stomach gently expand on the in-breath, and relax back down on the out-breath. Breathing shallowly and high from the chest is linked to many conditions, such as anxiety disorders, asthma and backache.

Our breath regulates our autonomic nervous system, promoting either the sympathetic (fight or flight) response or the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response. In the practice of Yoga, the Pranayama breathing techniques can shift the balance of the autonomic nervous system away from sympathetic dominance.

Pranayama, a traditional Yogic practice of slowing, extending and observing your breath, prepares the mind for the stillness of meditation. Meditation, or dhyāna in Sanskrit, is a key aspect of Yoga, the seventh of the eight steps of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. You can find out more about the science of breathing in Yoga here.




Apr 30

How to Awaken Your Consciousness Without Daily Meditation

awaken-your-consciousnessMeditation is a great tool for spiritual growth, but it is possible to awaken your consciousness without practicing it daily. Here is how.

There is no need to undermine the importance of meditation. It is one of the essential techniques to help you awaken your consciousness and find the answers you are looking for. However, daily meditation is not a must when you begin to live your life in the now under the guidance of your higher self. When your worldview includes the understanding of higher levels of consciousness and how to ecologically interact with the energy-informational field, your life turns into perpetual joyful exploration.

When your top priority is harmoniously realizing the potential giving to you by your higher self, you begin to awaken your consciousness. You begin to perceive and take good care of your aura energy as well as the emotional shell rather than just your physical form (more on emotional shell here: Beyond Human Aura Energy Field). You recognize that life consists of little things and you begin to notice and enjoy them. Reaching happiness and sharing your state with others become your essential goals in life. You begin to see the positive side of things and take the higher moral ground. It is not about always being happy or keep smiling, it is about discovering and holding on to your inner true core.

Your life becomes like meditation when you begin to realize your creative essence and you keep your subtle bodies synchronized. It happens when your physical body is guided by your five senses and in the time of need, you can rely on your sixth sense. Your emotional state or emotional intelligence (EQ) helps you make right choices and withstand the stress of everyday life. Your worldview is flexible and you accept your own truth as well as the truth of others. Synchronized subtle bodies also mean that your core values are intact with the purpose given to you by your higher self.

It may sound impossible to live your life this way in our current society, but that is where meditation techniques can be of great help. It is ok to fall from synchronicity of your subtle bodies, but staying on the ground for too long will eventually have its consequences. Instead of practicing meditation techniques daily, you can turn to them only when you lose your inner balance. That way you can build up your “consciousness immune system.” Certain meditation methods can help you quickly synchronize bodies on the higher levels of consciousness. When you have reached the perfect state of synchronicity at least once, you know how it feels and you can always come back to it. In order to do it, you can just listen to your inner core during meditation or conduct techniques that use a visual model of the energy-informational field.




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