Mar 26

Artist taxi driver with Russell Brand

Mar 26

Mainstream Media Finally Exposing Shaken Baby Syndrome as False Diagnosis

PBS-Shaken-Baby-SyndromeHealth Impact News Editor Comments

Two major mainstream media sites (Washington Post and PBS) ran reports on the injustice of false Shaken Baby Syndrome diagnoses this past week.  Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) diagnoses have been used for many years now to falsely accuse parents of shaking their babies, with the result of parents either losing custody of their children to Child Protection Agencies, or parents being wrongly convicted of murder and being sent to prison.

While neither of these reports explored the vaccine connection to SBS, this is certainly a step in the right direction to stopping these false accusations against parents who love their children and never did anything to harm them.

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Steve Says…

Big pharma will have to find another excuse for babies dying from their poison vaccines


Mar 26

More than 400 Washington foster parents object to flu shots

More than 400 Washington foster parents are giving up on caring for children younger than 2 because they don’t want to get a flu shot, which is required for the license to care for babies and toddlers.

Jamie Smith and her husband Brian took in a baby after he was born Christmas Day. A short time later, word came from the State’s Department of Social and Health Services that everyone in the foster family must get a flu shot – including all children.

The couple agreed to getting a shot, but not for all of their children.

“Research that I have done suggests that it’s just not as safe and effective as everybody is making it out to be,” Jamie said.

As a result, the Smith’s voluntarily surrendered their license.

DSHS says more than 400 foster parents have asked to change their licenses to only accept older children after a new rule was announced in January. State health officials say another 16 have suspended their licenses entirely.


Bill Bard Says…

At last some are fighting back.


Mar 26

Kosher Tax


These pathetic monsters are the ones running your government, media, hollywood, banks, wall street, etc. but did you realize how pervasive they are beyond these obvious things?

These pathetic monsters are the ones running your government, media, hollywood, banks, wall street, etc. but did you realize how pervasive they are beyond these obvious things?

So many people just fail to grasp the extent of jewish control in our daily lives. Quite a few people are aware of most of what the jews are up to in our world but these people think that as long as jewish malfeasance doesn’t affect them personally that they don’t wish to make waves by taking any sort of stand against jewish crime. Most of these people turn a blind eye to jewish terrorism around the world whether it’s the killing of innocent Palestinians or Lebanese with illegal weaponry or anything else this criminal race of creatures is up to in our world. Foolish non-jews who believe this coward’s credo have no idea that, not only has jewish crime crossed their sacred thresholds, that their entire lives and private worlds are completely influenced and/or run by hidden jewish hands.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea about what the hell the jewish  federal reserve (non-federal with no reserves) system is and don’t seem to care either, nor have much of any clue about the holocaust hoax extortion scam let alone anything else these malevolent rats are up to in our world.

When it comes to food most of us take this personally, we want good, wholesome food free of chemicals and other crap. Maybe, just maybe, you will finally be stirred to action when you here about how, with each bite of food, you are supporting a bunch of rabbi parasites and the crimes that these monsters carry out elsewhere, apart from their crimes of extortion relating to our food.



Mar 26

NASA Insider: The moon is real but we lied about everything else

Mar 26

UK Lord Justice wanted age of consent to be 4 years old

pedojudgeLord Justice Fulford, pictured in his full legal regalia, actively campaigned to support a pedophile group that tried to legalize sex with children.
Photo courtesy of the UK Daily Mail.

Read: High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

  • Lord Justice Fulford was named last year as an adviser to the Queen
  • He was a key backer of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange
  • Police suspect the group of abusing children on an ‘industrial scale’
  • He is revealed as a founder member of campaign to defend PIE
  • At the time it was calling for the age of consent to be lowered to just four

I clashed with Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) global leaders at the Wales conference in Swansea in 1977.

Tom O’Carroll is still accepted and active on a sexnet chat group of experts in “sexology” although he writes openly as a pedophile. And the scholarly organizers of the Swansea conference at the University were part of his efforts. Below a summary of my intro to him in my book, Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence, 2013. This academic pedophile lobby has continued and grown, training second generation and third generation supporters as “scholars” for pedophile equality and “rights.” In 1981 I realized they were global. See the B4UAct conference with Johns Hopkins keynoter, here and here.

From my book:

Another turning point came in 1977 when I went to Wales to deliver a research paper on women and pornography at the British Psychological Association International Conference on “Love and Attraction” at Swansea University. When I arrived in London, I heard that Tom O’Carroll, the leader of the Pedophile Information Exchange (PIE), had been blanketing England on a public relations tour, promoting sex with children on his way to speak at my Swansea conference.

All of England was in an uproar over the daily press reports describing the aims of PIE and O’Carroll. It was reported that PIE specialized in providing specific lists of places where pedophiles could locate and seduce children. When they heard O’Carroll was to speak from their college podium, the Swansea University housekeeping staff went on strike. He speaks and your beds will not be made, nor food cooked, nor clothes washed, they promised. They would not have the conference give place to a man promoting sex with their children.



Mar 26

Satanic Church Exposed

Mar 26

Question Everything

question-everythingby Richard Sacks

Lost Arts Research Institute

Young human beings need to trust and pay attention to their parents, just like young mammals do in the animal kingdom. Our lives can depend on doing that. But most of us are trained from a young age to trust not just our parents but also authority figures of all kinds and to believe what they tell us is true. That system works fine as long as the authority figures in our lives are benevolent and honest. But what happens if those authority figures become corrupt or degenerate into violent criminals? The answer is evident throughout our current society. That very trust that kept us safe as small children (assuming we had good parents) has now become the means of our destruction.

Most of us have been programmed to believe many basic assumptions. For example, we believe the educational system is to help us become more educated, aware of what is happening around us and capable of dealing with it in a constructive way. We believe that science is “objective” and trustworthy as a source of cutting edge knowledge. We believe government leaders are working selflessly to keep society safe and prosperous, and all of us free to live as we choose. At least in America, that was supposed to be the idea. We believe the medical system is there to keep us healthy, or restore our health quickly and safely if we become sick. We have believed that our military is working to protect us from outside threats, that’s why that part of the government is called the department of defense. And speaking of government, their job is to safeguard our freedom from all kinds of dangers so we can live our lives in peace and pursue whatever goals we have for ourselves. All of our government leaders have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, which keeps government in its proper role. Economic experts work tirelessly to make sure our lives and our country remain prosperous and abundant so we have unlimited opportunities for success. But what happens if all these assumptions have become false? How do we cope with that situation and what is our best course of action?



Mar 26

Facebook Reveals its Master Plan – Control All News Flow

by Michael Krieger

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 1.36.09 PMIn recent months, Facebook has been quietly holding talks with at least half a dozen media companies about hosting their content inside Facebook rather than making users tap a link to go to an external site.

The new proposal by Facebook carries another risk for publishers: the loss of valuable consumer data. When readers click on an article, an array of tracking tools allow the host site to collect valuable information on who they are, how often they visit and what else they have done on the web.

And if Facebook pushes beyond the experimental stage and makes content hosted on the site commonplace, those who do not participate in the program could lose substantial traffic — a factor that has played into the thinking of some publishers. Their articles might load more slowly than their competitors’, and over time readers might avoid those sites.

Last night, I came across an incredibly important article from the New York Times, which described Facebook’s plan to provide direct access to other websites’ content in exchange for some sort of advertising partnership. The implications of this are so huge that at this point I have far more questions than answers.



Mar 25

A Friend To Us All – Bassem Abu Rahma (el Pheel) [English subs]




Mar 25

In 4 Minutes: This Is How Global Capitalism Operates Today


childBelow is a brief video regarding the history of wage and employment struggle in Cambodia. More and more people are starting to recognize that, in several developing countries, many multinational corporations are exploiting their workers. Despite the fact that these corporations make billions of dollars, and could easily provide more pay, benefits, and decent working conditions, they choose not to.

When there are protests, the corporations are always protected. We live in a system of exploitation and we continue to fuel these corporations (mostly North American based) by working for them, buying their products, and turning a blind eye to how their products are manufactured and delivered to us. We’ve become so dependent on them that we’ve stopped questioning and caring about the process these products go through to be made. It’s quite horrifying if you think about it. How can we allow something like this to continue? It’s like watching someone suffer or be tortured but continuing on with your day, and we are all guilty of it.

We see big athletes and celebrities represent them and we see the corporations denying their involvement in any type of exploitation, despite the fact that this type of thing has continued for years and is well-documented.



Mar 25

Evil Racist Scumbag Netanyahu…

For tonight’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on Benjamin Netanyahu‘s victory in the Israeli election, the U.S. media reaction to it, and the method by which the Israeli right-wing government maintained its control of the state.

Showing a series of clips from one particular cable news network, Stewart demonstrated that a narrative has emerged that laments President Obama having not called Netanyahu to congratulate him yet. “Really? You find it interesting that a foreign country’s prime minister who came to Congress against the White House’s wishes and shits on a nuclear deal the president spent years working on, wouldn’t receive an immediate post-election atta boy!” Stewart mocked. “Really?!”

Of course, Stewart noted how many in the media never believed Netanyahu would pull out the victory after reportedly appealing “directly to the extreme right in the spectrum.” And in regards to Netanyahu’s public claim that his opponents were bussing in minority Arabs to vote against the Likud party, the Daily Show host snarked back: “How dare you! How dare you gin up racist fears of minority turnout for short-term political gain. That’s our thing!”

John Oliver Hits Netanyahu’s ‘Michael Jackson-Level’ Walking Back on Two-State Solution

Before he dove into America’s municipal fine fiasco, John Oliver spent a couple of minutes tackling last week’s Israeli prime minister election and specifically Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent flip-flop on a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.

Oliver posited that Netanyahu’s victory may have been due to his “last minute swing to the even-farther right,” saying in an interview that he would not support the formation of a Palestinian state on his watch. But then, in his first post-election interview with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell, Netanyahu reversed course, saying he still supports a two-state solution.

“That is a Michael Jackson-level of walking backwards,” Oliver said, comparing Netanyahu’s “verbal gymnastics” to a “guy caught being too honest on a first date.” What’s “so amazing” about the whole thing is that Netanyahu had left himself “almost no wiggle room.”

If he emerges unscathed, Oliver suggested the prime minister go on the road as “Netanyahoudini”: “Words cannot hold him!

[Tx Edna/ Zen]


Mar 25

You Are Being Programmed to Accept the Global ID Control Grid



Mar 25

Trailing ISIS to Tel Aviv

israels-premier-netanjahu-usaSince 2011, Israeli planes and helicopters have flown over a hundred verified sorties against the Syrian army and its allies, direct combat support for ISIS/ISIL units operating inside Syrian territory. Such missions would be impossible without forward air controllers on the ground inside Syria, Israeli operatives with ISIS.

Similarly, Israeli mobile artillery in Syrian territory occupied after the 1973 War has stretched a protective umbrella well into Syria in support of ISIS units. Sources within the UNTSO (United Nations Treaty Supervision Organization) operating with advanced radars inside the DMZ (De-militarized Zone) indicate that hundreds of violations have been observed but not reported.

More recently something curious has come to light. Israel has long worked to dominate social media and other internet outlets including Wikipedia. US aid dollars are used to subsidize classes for unemployed housewives, numbering in the hundreds, who “troll” chat rooms, publish smears on Wikipedia and now, after breaking through endless shifting IP addresses, ISIS announcements and threats originate in Israel as well, from the same group.

Recent threats against United States Marines and their families come from the same sources beheading videos originate, also the same sources so many “phony bin Laden” audio tapes and bizarre photographs came from as well. The infamous “Bin Laden Studios” in Tel Aviv is also “ISIS Productions” as well.



Mar 24

“Government On Trial”

Larken Rose

It is high time that those in mainstream academia be challenged on the authoritarian mythology they continue to teach. So I am launching a Kickstarter project to do exactly that. (Watch the video for more details.) I encourage anyone who understands and embraces the concepts of self-ownership, non-aggression and voluntaryism to support and share this project. (If I exceed my funding goal–even far exceed it–I will simply include more and more teachers and professors in the campaign.)

Here is the link to the project:…


Mar 24

Special Branch let vile paedo Cyril Smith off the hook SEVEN times

CYRIL Smith was held and freed seven times by police investigating claims he was a paedophile, we reveal today.

by Don Hale

VILE: Loathsome former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith was allegedly a known paedophile [REX]

VILE: Loathsome former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith was allegedly a known paedophile [REX]

A retired spy has told how Special Branch repeatedly intervened to get him off the hook over a 30-year period.

Smith, the former Rochdale MP, died in September 2010. He has since been accused of a raft of claims that he sexually abused boys in care.

Last week the BBC’s Newsnight programme reported how Smith and other prominent figures were arrested at a paedophile party in London in 1981 but were released without charge.

Our source, a former intelligence expert who wishes to remain anonymous, worked for both Special Branch and MI5.

He is ready to tell everything if he is granted immunity from prosecution.



Mar 24

Fukushima Documentary 2014 HD ☢ Nuclear Exodus: Pandora’s Promise Was A Lie

Summary: Following the unprecedented triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant after Japan’s 3/11 earthquake and tsunami, a myriad of far reaching questions has arisen…

What’s the current state of the Fukushima nuclear reactors? How much radiation have they already released? What type of health impacts can we expect? Is our seafood supply safe? And what about the other 435 nuclear reactors around the world, 104 in the US alone – 22 of them the same exact design as those that exploded and melted down in Fukushima, are they safe? …….more



Mar 24

Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals

by Mac Slavo | Activist Post

cash-criminalHow can you tell if you’re living in a police state?

The short answer is that you’re living in a police state when everyone becomes a suspected criminal or terrorist. And if the following report is any indicator, then welcome to the Reich.

The Justice Department has ordered bank tellers across America to contact law enforcement if they suspect your cash withdrawal may have something to do with illicit activity. There doesn’t need to be proof, or any sort of red flag indicator – merely suspicion by the bank teller processing your transaction is now enough to have you investigated by authorities.

Via The Sovereign Man Simon Black

What a lot of people don’t realize is that banks are already unpaid government spies.

Federal regulations in the Land of the Free REQUIRE banks to file ‘suspicious activity reports’ or SARs on their customers. And it’s not optional.

Banks have minimum quotas of SARs they need to fill out and submit to the federal government.

If they don’t file enough SARs, they can be fined. They can lose their banking charter. And yes, bank executives and directors can even be imprisoned for noncompliance.

This is the nature of the financial system in the Land of the Free.



Mar 24

France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree

[image source]

[image source]

21st Century Wire says…

Political elites and super-bureaucrats are worried. It’s becoming harder to control consensus reality.

A history stitched together by lies and cover-ups, political assassinations, slight-of-hand false flag deceptions, secret societies, dual loyalties and stolen fortunes – this has been the exclusive privilege of organized crime and the ruling elite for centuries.

Putting aside history’s ‘big ticket’ items though, the real reason for this authoritarian trend is much more fundamental. By knocking out their intellectual competition, political elites and their media moguls hope to minimalize, and thus eliminate any alternative analysis and opinion by applying the completely open-ended and arbitrary label of “extremist” to speech. They want to wind back the clock, where a pre-internet, monolithic corporate media cartel held a monopoly on ideas.

Although France has taken the lead in this inter-governmental effort (see below), the preliminary assault began this past fall with British Prime Minster David Cameron publicly announcing on two separate occasions, that all of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ (anything which challenges the official orthodoxy) should be deemed as “extremist” and equivalent to “terrorist” and should be purged from society on the grounds of ‘national security’. The first came with Cameron’s warped speech at the UN, and afterwards, a similar charge was made by the UK leader against anyone who dares press the issue of institutional paedophilia and child abuse.



Mar 24

Tens of Thousands Flood Dublin Demanding Abolition of Austerity Tax On Water

We refuse to be bullied and intimidated into acquiescence’

by Sarah Lazare

Protesters rallied in the Irish capital on Saturday to demand the abolition of a controversial new water tax. (Photo courtesy of Right2Water)

Protesters rallied in the Irish capital on Saturday to demand the abolition of a controversial new water tax. (Photo courtesy of Right2Water)

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of the Irish capital on Saturday to demand the abolition of a controversial water tax—an austerity measure that protesters say violates the human right to this vital good.

The campaign Right2Water announced in a press statement on Saturday that over 80,000 people from across Ireland took part in the demonstration. The group, whose steering committee organized the rally, had insisted ahead of the event that a big turnout is vital to “send a clear message that we refuse to be bullied and intimidated into acquiescence.”

The Dublin rally was the latest mass mobilization in a protracted fight to head off a top-down push to directly charge residents for water use, to satisfy European Union and International Monetary Fund demands.

Beyond declaring that they “won’t pay,” protesters also seek to take proactive steps to prevent the government from privatizing Ireland’s water bureau, Irish Water



Mar 23

International Space Station Hoax : Air Bubbles Rise- Space Walks Simulated in A Massive Water Pool

NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED

Mar 23

Welcome to Crazy Town

crazy-townEverywhere we look it’s like we’re living in crazy town.

For starters, most of the governments of the world advocate for backwards laws which seem so surreal it’s hard to believe it’s true. Natural and effective medicines are suppressed, our privacy increasingly invaded and corporate-benefiting and community-destroying regulations are being put in place.

The politicians are turning a blind eye to the capitalist circus – the inaccurately labelled ‘free market’ – which funnels the wealth and resources to those who already have it. The same goes for the military-industrial machine, the massive war-on-drugs policy failure and the damage to our planet. Where is the orchestrated salvation for a poverty stricken, unhealthy, mentally imprisoned and highly unequal global society?

Geopolitical games are endangering life as we know it. Economic warfare is crippling the security of the masses, nations on edge are scrambling to protect their futures and a nuclear threat looms on the horizon. Wealth disparity continues to increase with thousands of children dying each day from poverty and millions living homeless in both the so-called ‘developing’ and ‘developed’ nations. Our global financial system is also on the verge of not just a crisis, but a collapse.

Multinational organisations are producing large droves of brainwashed minions who over-consume in an unsustainable and self-harming fashion. Corporatism and elitism are running the world through the infiltration of our political systems, and most of society doesn’t even know it because they have gained full control of the mainstream media. They continue to increase the hypnotism of lies and propaganda and omit highly important information that everybody on this planet should not only know, but be engaged in a healthy debate about.


Mar 23

The Madness of Kings and Fools

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

May your noses always be cold and wet (if you are a dog)

You might think the news is just more of the same old same old, unless you look a little more closely. Then you find very important news. I’m not going to link anything here today because if you have been interested, you have seen these news articles and if you are incurious or indifferent, then you haven’t. First up is the reaction, finally, to Monsanto. Oh, it’s been coming for awhile but now we see some more serious efforts. There are multiple stories out today about the links between Roundup and cancer. The press is hedging on the matter by saying that there is not conclusive proof but… it looks like it. On the other hand, the demons in human flesh who drive Monsanto, or, ‘My Satan’, if you prefer, have been accused by the city of San Diego for dumping PCBs into the San Diego Bay. Apparently they are 99% responsible for ALL PCB dumps. Then, from a 3rd front, farmers are turning away in droves from GMOs because the public is doing the same.

It’s going to be getting a lot hotter for these plundering psychopaths all around. By now, no one who isn’t brain dead can dispute the presence of Mr. Apocalypse in every area of human consciousness. It appears that a wide sweeping awakening is about to, very soon become highly visible. It’s been around for awhile and it has been coming for awhile. It’s sort of like Spring. It may come later than we might like or earlier than we expect but come it will. The Spring of a raised consciousness it going to come about the same way The Huns visited Rome, or The Moors swept across so much of the eastern world; changing the arts, science, architecture and human thought of the time and leaving a lasting impact right up to this day. In the modern day, Shit has been happening from the top down for some time. Now it’s going to start happening from the bottom up and being amplified by the force of the planets and whatever mysterious power guides their movements.

Many humorous events are going to be running along in tandem with this, for instance, a gay, Latino fashion consultant was on The View and made the observation that Michele Obama looked like one of the cast from The Planet of the Apes. There’s a train wreck of political correctness happening here, one in which the more powerful will emerges victorious. That would be Michele, Hell’s Belle (presently annoying The Cambodians). The humor comes about because of the presence of a gay Latino. The articles say nothing about this, lest they awaken some slumbering beast, roaring in outrage at the deliberate misinterpretation placed on the now fired fashion consultant, who actually said that the makeup made her look that way. She does look like she is from the Planet of Something; perhaps a long underground Morlock but one would expect her to be more of an albino from the lack of Vitamin D and other hormonal and vitaminal substances. Perhaps she is from that side of Mercury that is turned to the sun all the time; if that is a real thing. Some might argue she must come from the next closer planet because an industry shill said that women are from Venus but… others would argue that she is not a woman and could not then be from Venus. I am not going to lose my job over this because I do not have one that relies on playing kiss ass with powerful corporate and banking houses.



Mar 23

Flat Earth Clues Interview by Lisa M Harrison with Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent – The MOTHER of all Conspiracies

Join Lisa and guest Mark Sargent in Lisa’s investigation into the most ridiculed conspiracy of them all.

IF true this IS the MOTHER of all conspiracies.


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