Nov 26

Death & Reincarnation — Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Fear Them

death-human-soul-790x381Learn why fear of death has become the hallmark of modern civilization, and why you shouldn’t fear it.

Unlike sex, death is not part of our public debate or education.

And although our news channels are prone to delivering breaking news about death — the dying, the nearly dead, and the dead — we have come to filter it. We don’t register it as a question of our human condition.

We easily move past it, because we cannot answer “What’s there to answer for death?” Currently, it seems that there is no one to answer for it. No one we could actually, physically turn to.

It seems that all we have is reasonable and scientific conjecture and, of course, our beliefs.

But death is an important subject.

We may have become too busy to reflect on it or to register it, but we all know that death is a coming. And it comes to haunt us every now and then: when we feel meaninglessness, or fail to find purpose to our lives.

But instead of contemplating on the subject, we avoid it by keeping ourselves busy.

Mostly, it’s because we fear death.

Is Fear of Death and Oblivion the True Driving Force Behind Human Civilization?

Science, engineering, and technology have brought marvels. They have made life easier and graspable. But, most importantly, they have artificially sped up our lives and our experiences.

In doing so, they have unleashed so many possibilities and experiences, and now they are trying their best to aid us experience them within our lives.

It’s a reflection of our deep-seated fear of death, and the unknown that lies further of our death, and of our inability to experience how life will unfold when we are dead.

It’s a modern dilemma.




Nov 26

Professional Reincarnation – Sevan Bomar On Positive Head Radio

Sevan Bomar is a self-proclaimed professional reincarnator and founder of After a full-blown 3rd eye activation experience, Sevan downloaded an incredible amount of multi-dimensional wisdom to share with the world, and in this first of two interviews, Brandon delves deeply into it with him.



Nov 25

In the absence of fear…




Nov 25

The Power of Silence

woman-in-silence-alice-popkornby Steve Taylor

Modern humans have lost touch with their inner ‘true self’. Silence and stillness are a means to recovering happiness and contentment. In the modern world silence has practically ceased to exist.

The human race has stamped its authority over the planet Earth not just by covering its surface with concrete and destroying its plant and animal life, but also by burying the natural sounds of the Earth beneath a cacophony of man-made noise. We live our lives against the background of this cacophony, with the jagged mechanical sounds of urban-industrial society continually assaulting our ears: the roar of cars, aeroplanes and trains, the clanging and thudding of machinery, the noise of building and renovating, the chatter of radios and TVs in other people’s cars and houses, and pop music blaring from every conceivable place. But nothing, of course, has done more to obliterate silence than the car. In the modern world it’s very difficult to go anywhere where there’s no possibility of being disturbed by the sound of passing cars, and the only chance that city or town dwellers get to experience something of the quietness which existed everywhere in the pre-car world is sometimes on Sundays, when the mad rushing to and fro of modern life slows down. This quietness seems so foreign now that it seems difficult to believe that a hundred years ago and before it was everywhere all the time. Back then this quietness would even have filled the busiest city centres, which would have probably had a noise level equivalent to that of a modern small village.

There’s also more noise than ever before inside our houses. It’s unusual to go into a house nowadays where there isn’t at least one television set chattering away somewhere, even if the residents aren’t actually watching it, and other forms of home entertainment compete against TV to produce the most noise: radios, CD players, computer and video games etc. In fact the only sound which is largely absent from people’s houses nowadays is the voices of their occupants actually talking to one another.

Living in the midst of all this noise is bound to have a bad effect on us. All man-made noise is fundamentally disturbing we find the sound of birds singing or of wind rushing through trees pleasing, but mechanical noise always jars and grates. And since we live our lives against a background of mechanical noise it follows that there’s always an undercurrent of agitation inside us, produced by the noise. This noise is certainly one of the reasons why modern life is so stressful as well. In modern life our senses are bombarded with massive amounts of external stimuli our fields of vision are always crowded with different (and constantly shifting) things, and our ears are bombarded with a bewildering variety of sounds, all of which clamour for our attention. Our senses have to absorb and process all this material, which takes up a lot of energy, and means that we’re liable to become drained of energy or ‘run down’ easily. We can get out of this state by removing ourselves from all external stimuli and letting our energy-batteries naturally recharge themselves i.e., by relaxing. But there’s so much external stimuli around in the modern world and people are so unaccustomed to the absence of it, that we may never be able relax properly, which could mean living in a permanently ‘run down’ state.




Nov 25

Spiritual Growth: Awakening to Your True Nature

cbnxfbxbbcSpiritual growth is the process of allowing your authentic self to shine, clarifying and living your purpose, and creating an awareness of your true nature.

You are like a drop of water in an infinite, endless ocean of consciousness (energy). That little droplet is inseparable from the ocean, because the ocean has no surface, no bottom, no beginning, no end… therefore you ARE the ocean! That is your true nature!

But people feel separate from each other, which means we feel like we are outside of the ocean of consciousness.

This separation leads to feelings of anger, suspicion, hatred, fear, misunderstanding, jealousy, inferiority, superiority and insecurity. But that is not the nature of universal consciousness! Universal consciousness – the intelligent energy of light and love – is not the energy of separation and hurt!

Spiritual growth is the process of realizing oneness with all there is. HOW you go about your spiritual growth is a highly personal journey. What’s right for one person may be completely wrong for you – so honor your intuition, honor your inner guidance, and don’t allow yourself to be told that “THIS” is the only way to spiritual enlightenment. Follow your heart, not the voices of others! A spiritual journey can be religious, or even scientific – understanding the universe in scientific terms can lead to a spiritual awakening!

Many people start on a spiritual journey as a result of a personal crisis; or after a period of feeling lost, lonely, unfulfilled and unsatisfied, looking for “something” that they may or may not be able to express…

The beauty of spiritual growth is that once you’re on the path, you feel energized, awakened and every day, you’ll feel more inspired, harmonious, compassionate, abundant, calm and peaceful.




Nov 25

Optimism is a Self-Amplifying Feedback Loop ~ Jason Silva

Jason Silva explains his belief in the self-reinforcing power of optimism.



Nov 25

Healthy Alternatives To The Flu Vaccine

1733469865by Dr. Mercola

As  the cold and flu season get off to start this year in the U.S., and everywhere you turn, you’ve undoubtedly seen ads and media reports urging you to get the flu vaccine.

Meanwhile, scientific reviews by the independent Cochrane Database published last fall again refuted pervasive “expert” health and media claims that the flu vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself against the flu, and that it is a safe way of doing so [see Cochrane reports for adults and children].

Why The Flu Vaccine Is Not An Effective Option…

The Cochrane group released two new scientific reviews on flu vaccines. Their review of all trials comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated adults found that, at best, vaccines might be effective against only influenza A and B.

This represents only about 10 percent of all circulating viruses. Under ideal conditions, where the vaccine completely matches the circulating viral configuration, 33 healthy adults need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms.

In average conditions (partially matching vaccine) 100 people need to be vaccinated to avoid one set of influenza symptoms.

They also found that vaccine use did not affect the number of people hospitalized or working days lost, but did cause one case of Guillain-Barré syndrome (a major neurological condition leading to paralysis) for every one million vaccinations. So please, carefully weigh the risks versus benefits before you opt for vaccination. Also do your research on risk free alternatives, such as those discussed here.


Garlic — As Good Or Better Than Tamiflu?

A recent article by highlighted the use of garlic, which has natural antiviral, antibiotic, and antifungal activity:

“Forget the flu shot. A soup based on more than 50 cloves of garlic, onions, thyme and lemon will destroy almost any virus that enters its path including colds, flu and even norovirus,” John Summerly writes.




Nov 25

Syncretism, Ascension, Atomic Language, & Triple Crown Control ~ Santos Bonacci

The Higher Side Chats With Greg Carlwood published on July 22, 2015
Guest: Santos Bonacci
Syncretism, Ascension, Atomic Language, & Triple Crown Control

Today on the podcast, the powerful teacher of syncretism, Santos Bonacci, returns to THC to talk about his latest research and provide some useful knowledge on the personal journey of consciousness ascension and sovereignty reclamation.

Santos deals with the subject of Syncretism, bringing together all the fields of knowledge and wisdom and showing the interrelatedness of all things. Syncretism is the opposite of division and disunity and covers all the big topics like; Theology, Astrotheology, Natural Science, Astrology, Reclaiming Dominion, Breaking the fictions of Religion, Science and Law, and the Holy Science, an ancient science based on the workings of the solar system, which is the science of, ‘as above so below’. These sciences enable one to develop wisdom and enlightenment far beyond what this world currently has to offer.



Nov 25

Dealing with Dramatic Spiritual Upheaval

gaia-mae-terra-ade70by Open

I strongly sense that the world has now edged into a new phase of its evolution. During the Divinicus Tour, people in the Openhand Community had the sense that Gaia was ‘waiting’. Waiting for what? The Shift into the fifth density is not a time-line, but an event-line. The pathway must be opened progressively. Humanity is beginning to emerge from eons of darkness. He may not yet be fully ready, but the Earth cannot wait any longer. Realignment with the divine flow must now start to happen on a global scale. Due to its injustice, inequity and misalignment, the old reality will be steadily broken down, over time, so as to provide breathing space for more souls to break through, break out and ascend…

Onwards and Upwards we Go

At the conclusion of the Divinicus Tour, I was given to ascend Table Mountain in Cape Town. It was a ‘Prayer for Humanity’. The jet lag of 9 weeks traveling, the tiredness of 13 workshops, and rapid dehydration, made it a very challenging ascent; it felt like I was staggering two steps forwards and one step backwards. The beads of sweat from my tired brow, were as tears into the heart of the Mountain – the heart of Gaia.

I could feel her, and she could feel me. As I encountered various people on the path, in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and states of physical ability, it spoke to me as a metaphor: of the challenges each face on the ascent up the spiritual mountain. It felt like a statement was being made:

“We may not yet be ready to ascend, we may have our challenges, but we are ready to begin”

Transcendence video play_0Even though intensely challenging, my soul was observing, with every step: an opportunity to breakthrough and transcend the physicality – the pain. I felt no egoic need to either ascend or to give up and descend. But when I opened the contraction of any mind-led intention, my soul simply emerged and said… “Onwards and Upwards we Go”.

Ascension is entirely natural, like love, when we remove all barriers in the way.




Nov 25

“KNOCK KNOCK” by Daniel Beaty



Nov 24

Karma: Not The “Mainstream” Version – The Real One


Karma is a concept taught by various cultures throughout human history, and is an idea that dates back thousands of years. Despite its proliferance, the idea of karma seems to be generally misunderstood and  frequently tossed around without any real understanding of its true meaning.

What is Karma?

In the Bhagavad Gita (one text out of many from multiple cultures that speak of karma), there are constant dialogues about how to attain what’s referred to as “moksha”.  Moksha is the release from the cycle of rebirth; a sort of transcendent state or freedom from the world we currently know – a world in which our senses deceive us. It’s a state of bliss that can only be attained when we have freed ourselves from the web of Karma. Once we reach that point our soul is ready to move on to another experience that goes beyond rebirth.

According to Hindu philosophy, the only “higher” activity one can engage in other than performing selfless, fruitful action is the quest and cultivation of spiritual knowledge, contemplation and truth.

Let’s take a look at what karma really means:

“The Principle of Karma requires that the experiences of the individual being, based on his actions during the lifetime, are imprinted in the subtle body, which will therefore have to possess some organized structure of fine matter as mental state within it, and will accordingly be impelled to move to specific locations for rebirth. The principle of Karma is fundamentally based on this very concept that the deeds of today shape the future events for man – the most intelligent of beings is gifted with the discriminating ability in addition to the instinctive habits that all other creatures possess.” – Paramahamsa Tewari (source)

The general idea is that every time we perform an action a cause is created that will have corresponding effects.  Again, Karma literally translates to “action” or “deed” and included within that action are your thoughts and intentions. The karma principle makes it clear that the universe will respond to you in this life and/or the next. Actions have “consequences,” and thoughts do as well.

I personally like to leave out “good” and “bad” when it comes to the consequences of our actions. For example, a human being can have what we call a “good” experience or what is perceived as a “bad” experience. The truth of the matter is that they are experiences, regardless of how we perceive them and choose to label them. We can either choose to grow from these experiences and learn from others, untangling ourselves from the web of karma, or we can continue viewing them as “bad” (for example) and prevent ourselves from moving forward.




Nov 24

Could Sunlight Replace Food As Our Main Source Of Nourishment? – Thoughts On Sun Gazing

sungazing-720x340Sun Gazing is an unusual and highly controversial practice that has been gaining some popularity in recent years, with Japan’s First Lady making headlines when she revealed that she was a ‘sun eater‘. The practice involves looking directly at the sun with your eyes unprotected, in an attempt to harness its energy, for the purpose of nourishing and healing the body. This is in direct opposition to the standard advice, that looking at the sun directly is extremely dangerous, with the potential to cause serious and permanent damage to the retina.

Ancient Cultures

Looking at carvings and paintings, we can see that many ancient cultures worshipped the sun. This is not surprising considering that life as we know it on this planet would be impossible without the great burning ball of fire. The practice of Sun Gazing has its origins in India, when over 2,000 years ago Lord Mahavir of Jain established a religion known as Jainism – in which they believed that every soul had the potential to access God.

It is also thought that the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Greeks, Mayans and some Native American tribes felt that they could be nourished in this way.

Hira Ratan Manek

A well known advocate of Sun Gazing is Hira Ratan Manek (who likes to be known as HRM), who was born in India in 1937. Hira is a regular Solar Gazer, who claims to have reached enlightenment, healing and nourishment thanks to his practices. He says that he can sustain himself for long periods of time with no food. He has mainly consumed only sun energy and water since June 18th 1995, taking the occasional tea, coffee or buttermilk for “hospitality and social purposes.” HRM describes the brain as a super computer, which he calls a ‘brainuter’. He says that sun gazing activates the full potential of the brain, allowing us to access powers that have remained dormant since ancient cultures.

Being a holistic entity it needs a holistic power supply. Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye. Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain.




Nov 24

Becoming Multidimensional – Entering the “Dreamspace”

Image2By Open | Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s two ways of living your life: one, as if nothing is a miracle; two, as if everything is.

We’re living in two world’s not one: the old is one of systems, logic and control, which strangles the juice out of life. It’s a reality long past it’s self-by-date, essentially because it’s divorced from the flow. Then there’s another world — it’s one of mystery, miracles and magic, where everything has a deeper meaning, a deeper significance and purpose. It’s this that I call the ‘dreamspace’. In fact it’s far more real, far more fulfilling than ‘reality’.

What is this space like? How can you access it? How can you become multidimensional?

Can You Hear the Dreamspace Calling You?

In my life I work to live as spontaneously as possible. Quite frequently yes, there are agreements I’ve made with people that have to be honoured, appointments to be fulfilled. But as much as possible, I leave the moment open, to flow as one with the deeper underlying purpose.

This evening, on my way home, there was a clear pull to take a detour. I didn’t know where to, but as usual, when the dreamspace is calling more strongly, it’ll speak through signs and synchronicity. In this case, my attention was spiked to the movement of cars, number configurations on number shields, and the sudden darting movement of birds.

It led me out into the country, until there by the side of the road, on a hill overlooking an open Somerset valley, was a Kestrel hanging in the air; majestic, wings outstretched, hovering, and very much calling to me. So I honoured the invitation, pulled up just as soon as I could, and followed the guidance.




Nov 24

Human Evolution is Driven by Consciousness Say Researchers

Transformation-Consciousness-1by Leif Davenport

The mind and the brain are one and the same. There is no separation. In fact, consciousness itself is merely a bi-product of our central nervous system. It’s almost inconsequential. That’s lucky for us, isn’t it? We get to experience all the colors, tastes and sounds of the world, but as Shakespeare said, in the end it is all just “sound and fury signifying nothing”. This is the common assertion from modern science – consciousness is a sideshow of biology, unimportant and playing no active role in the development of human physiology. Biology creates consciousness, not the other way around. So they say.

We’re just cogs spinning in the machine, waiting to break down. After that, it’s lights out, and in the end our consciousness has played only a small part in our fleeting proceedings.

And yet, our experience of the world doesn’t really reflect this position, does it? Consciousness feels central to who we are. We are immersed in it when making complex choices, and the experiences we have can be so emotive or profound that they lead to a spiritual awakening which can transform our lives. Furthermore, we can decide to make that happen. We have the choice. We can direct our consciousness at ourselves and alter how we perceive the world around us.

So how, then, can the scientific community so quickly dismiss consciousness as a mere product of biology at best, something which has little affect on us as individuals or as a species?

The truth is, it can’t.

Your Thoughts Define You

Since the 1970s there has been a growing movement among consciousness researchers. Stalwarts of a purely materialistic view of consciousness such as Christof Koch, have had to reassess their perspectives on what awareness itself is, how it is produced, and what it means for us as a species and the universe as a whole.




Nov 24

The Keymaker With Sevan Bomar – Episode 3 – The Innovatist

Episode # 3

This show centers around reverse engineering consciousness and spirituality in order to determine its future stance. It engages the listener and inspires the Seeker to look deeper within by clarifying that all aspects of importance encased within the ancient texts have already been revealed. Further it clarifies that we only need to look closer in to what it is that we truly seek, be it infinite power over self or the full capacity to create something genuine and unique, in order to achieve it. Lastly it places emphasis on clarifying the effects and differences that accompany experiencing something of great magnitude internally vs externally. Injoy!


Episode 1 here
Episode 2 here



Nov 24

David Icke on Consciousness, Solutions and Escaping the Madhouse

Video that David Icke recorded to be played at a German Conference on Consciousness.



Nov 23

This Potent Herb Heals COPD, Adrenal Fatigue, Cancer, Immune Dysfunction and More

Cordycepsby Paul Fassa

Cordyceps burst into the media spotlight in 1993 when a team of Chinese women’s track and field runners broke nine world records at the Chinese National Games in Beijing. Initially, the Chinese team was suspected of using steroids. After testing negatively for anabolic steroid use, the team’s coach revealed that the success of the Chinese athletes was not drug related but was instead the result of a daily Cordyceps elixir, which significantly boosts the body’s energy, endurance, stamina and overall vitality. This highly publicized episode launched the widespread use of Cordyceps by the World’s top athletes.

“Cordyceps is considered in Asia to be a powerful athlete’s tonic. It has no steroidal constituents, but greatly improves performance and muscle building capability.”

It is greatly treasured and has been used for thousands of years in China. Chinese herbalists classify it as an adaptogenic superior tonic herb. Cordyceps is legendary for its immune modulating and energy enhancing abilities. It’s also a potent anti-inflammatory. Cordysceps is a cherished anti-aging agent and a rejuvenator, which is especially beneficial for the elderly. Folk and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) use Cordyceps to successfully treat a wide variety of health problems and only a small select group of herbs are considered (superior) tonic herbs in Chinese Medicine’s Materia Medica.

According to Ron Teeguarden, founder of Dragon Herbs, author, researcher practitioner of Asian health care since 1971 and a practicing herbalist since 1974:

For an herb to be recognized as a superior (tonic) herb, that herb must have been found over many centuries of human use to meet six specific qualifications:

A tonic (superior) herb must have anti-aging characteristics and must aid in the attainment of a long life.

A tonic herb must have broad and profound health-promoting actions that result in a radiantly healthy life.

A tonic herb must help balance our emotional and psychic energy so as to help improve one’s state of spiritual and emotional well being and happiness.




Nov 23

Empathy: The Power of Connection

Image2by Steve Taylor Ph.D

In recent years, the process of ‘restorative justice’ has been used more and more frequently as a way of dealing with crime. As a part of the process, offenders are brought face to face with the victims of their crimes, to hear how they have suffered as a result. The aim of this encounter is to bring healing, for both victim and offender. The victim transcends their rage with some understanding and forgiveness towards the offender, and the offender empathises with the victim, becoming aware of the real meaning of their crimes.

This process changes lives. Victims feel free of the weight of hatred and are able to move on; offenders have a wider sense of perspective, and are less likely to re-offend. Sometimes offenders don’t meet their specific victims, but just the victims of similar crimes. But this still leads to a new awareness, and new patterns of behaviour.

This highlights the amazing power of empathy.

To a large extent, all crime and all cruelty are the result of a lack of empathy. It’s a lack of empathy which makes someone capable of attacking or oppressing other people. A lack of empathy for another tribe or country makes warfare and conflict possible. A lack of empathy towards other ethnic groups, social classes or castes makes oppression and inequality possible.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to ‘feel with’ another person, to identity with them and sense what they’re experiencing. It’s sometimes seen as the ability to ‘read’ other people’s emotions, or the ability to imagine what they’re feeling, by ‘putting yourself in their shoes.’ In other words, empathy is seen as a cognitive ability, along the same lines as the ability to imagine future scenarios or to solve problems based on previous experience. But in my view, empathy is more than this. It’s the ability to make a psychic and emotional connection with another person, to actually enter into their mind-space. When we experience real empathy or compassion, our identity actually merges with another person’s. The separateness between you and the other person fades away. Your ‘self-boundary’ melts away, so that in a sense – or to an extent – you become them.




Nov 23

The Keymaker – Episode 2 – Ancient Origins Of Duality

This Episode of the Keymaker centers around discovering the origins of duality in order to decrypt the barriers placed within our consciousness that prevents true creativity. It examines the symbolism and objects often embedded in to our subconscious as literal enemies in order to keep us locked out of balance. Ideas such as The Apple, The Pentagram, Eve, Adam, Lilith, Lucifer, Wisdom, and Creativity are all collapsed in to being variations of the same concept. Armed with this knowledge you are able to eliminate fear with real techniques such as tightening your sphincter to transcend the lunar body that corresponds to fear, regret, excessive thought,and lack of focus dubbed as “The Monkey Mind”. Enjoy!



Nov 23

Occult Man

Occultby Jon Rappoport, Guest | Waking Times

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Exit From The Matrix, click here.)

The word “occult” is frequently associated with a secret society, and it is given a negative twist by pitting it against organized “clean” religion or “totally rational” science.

But the Latin root of the word comes from the verb, “to hide.” That’s all.

Occult Man means man who is hiding something. And it really means man who is hiding something from himself. What would that be?

Occult man is hiding his true nature from himself.

In order to discover what that true nature is, he would already need to be free from the belief that he owes his time, energy, and life to another person or an idea. He would need to be free from the self-debasing concept of spiritual debt—regardless of how fashionable it might be to incur (or pretend to incur) such a negative balance sheet.

Legion are those who invent these “debt scenarios” for themselves, and they rarely give them up, regardless of the consequences. They prefer to imagine they “win by losing.”

When Occult Man embarks on the journey to find his true nature, he enters a labyrinth. Sooner or later, he needs to realize the maze is composed of all possible answers to his self-inquiry. How to choose one answer above all others? How to discern?




Nov 23

Are We In The Midst Of A Great Awakening?


We are living through the most exciting times in human history. Breakthroughs in every area of science are opening our minds to the beauty and mystery of the material world. At the same time technology is giving us the power to make many of our dreams come true.

But what makes these times even more exciting is that we stand on the threshold of the greatest changes in human consciousness ever. Whether it is our relationships with our loved ones, our attitude to money, the ever-increasing pace of life, or the environmental crisis, everything is pushing us to wake up to our full mental potential. We are being called to rediscover for ourselves the profound truths of which the great saints and teachers have spoken for thousands of years.

At their core, they all have been urging us to become wiser, more compassionate, more psychologically healthy human beings. To let go of our attachments to having things be a certain way, to be less materialistic, less egocentric, less greedy and hungry for power or status. And through this shift in consciousness to find peace in the moment — the inner peace we have been yearning for all along, but fruitlessly seeking in the world around.

This is the next great frontier; not outer space but inner space. The exploration and development of human spirit. This is not an exploration to be conducted by some scientists in a laboratory; it is an exploration in which we are all personally engaged, and it is taking place in the laboratory of life. And it is already underway.




Nov 22

Law of Attraction vs. Law of Oneness

Image2Is there an universal law, the Law of Attraction, which says that everybody has the ability to attract things with his thoughts and intentions. According to this, if our thoughts are negative, we will attract bad things, and if our thoughts are positive, we will attract good things. The question may arise – is this law truly universal? What could be beyond the Law of Attraction?

The Promise of the Master Key

This passage is from the brochure of Law of Attraction course:

“For everybody who wants to do something about improving his/her life, the best news is that it is possible to achive what he/she really wants at any time. The choice is solely up to us. Anybody is able to do it by learning and practising the appropriate method. “I would like you to imagine a large iron gate. It is a heavy gate, difficult to open. It keeps you where you do not want to be at all. It seems, however, that one day the gate will open up, and when it happens, you may experience freedom that you have so far been able to read only. In your dreams you live where you want to be, you can empty the goblet of joys to the bottom, you may draw the income that you believe you honestly deserve, that is, you can live the way you would like to! The course offers you a chance; let us open that gate together, and once we have done that, a new world, full of possibilities and promises will open up for you. You will receive an answer to your question why so far you have not lived in the wealth you now so well that you deserve.”

Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us. But now we are given the master key, with which we achieve all our goals, because we will be able to open the iron gate. By the masterful use of the law of attraction we will be able to achieve everything that we have been longing for so far, everything we desire will be lying at our feet.




Nov 22

“The Event” Deception – Another Dangling Carrot

The-Event-DeceptionBy Ari Kopel | Guest Writer for Wake Up World

I’ve done everything I can – and then some – to exit “stage left” out of this dense reality. I bet many of you feel the same way. How much more do we need to endure? How much longer do we have to wait? It’s the same thing over and over again – like “Ground Hog Day”. The circumstances in your life and on this planet repeat themselves and don’t seem to change – or they do change, but not for the better. Nothing seems to be working to alleviate this condition. Yet, we’re told otherwise by the all-knowing discarnate voices of channelled messages and so-called spiritual leaders. They say that portals of light are opening everywhere and that the dark forces are leaving the planet by the droves.

Where? How? Which planet are we talking about?

In the meantime, we’re in a perpetual “waiting room” – hoping for news about an outcome. The outcome is the fate of humanity – our fate. We’ve done everything that we feel is necessary to prepare ourselves for a “home-coming” that doesn’t quite come together. We’ve been given dates and time frames, and yet more dates; and we see these come and go – along with the seasons and our favorite holidays. Many sources, like so-called spiritual teachers and channelled messengers, have given lame reasons as to why we haven’t witnessed a transformation, an ascension, a major “shift”. We’re told the dates have been moved, or that we’ve jumped timelines and other such delusional explanations – that many are buying into and not questioning.

In the meantime, we wait and hang on. We live life one day at a time; and the only thing that allows us to wake up in the morning is the hope that soon we’re out of here; and that soon we’ll wake up to the view of a sun birthing from the horizon of a new Earth.

The reality though, is that some of us are barely surviving, or just getting by. We’re struggling. Some of us try to stay optimistic by keeping up with information that contains promises of an “event” that will unfold shortly. This possibility gives us some relief – but the relief is mental. It quiets our mind. What we don’t know is that nothing is really happening behind the scenes. There is no rescue planned; no outside source intervening; no special thing that will, all of a sudden, grant us entrance into a fifth-dimensional Earth.

The problem lies in the lies. We’ve been duped – again! We’ve been preconditioned to think it’s an “external” event. Something outside ourselves that will happen to get us to a realm that is free from strife, free from grief, absent of despair and disappointment. Something that is off-world is coming and will get this “whole enchilada” back on track… or we’ll go to sleep one night and wake up in a totally different reality – the one that we see when we do our visualizations.




Nov 22

The Astral Surgical Team

astral-726x400by Soren Dreier

In the latest post on the Astral, I wrote a bit about the subterranean beings that were in the denser spectrum of the astral layer. Usually, they come out of the rocks, both the bigger and the smaller ones that we can find in the soil when tending our garden.

Some readers asked me if they can prey on your energy field – they cannot. They can, however, cause disturbances in the frequency fields of the place you live in and such. The beings that can prey on your energy directly and feed off it – are tied in with the ghouls.

In this post I would like to touch upon what I call The Astral Surgical Team.

I came across them when I did hands on healings, and still do. As mentioned before, the Astral Plane is not my favorite realm, since it’s messy and tends to hold its explorer down in his or her own density.

As an example, many mediums channel from that frequency and are often tricked by astral beings posing as etheric beings. My friend Stuart made that observation too.

I got a bit surprised when I appeared on a radio show – where I was ‘read’ after the show.

Unfortunately, the channelings were dead wrong. Some felt that I took a great interest in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter and that I was into that universe.
Sorry, I am not – it never could catch my attention. One felt that Stuart and I were show dancers together in a past life! Well,  we were not. I know exactly where our paths crossed in previous lives, and I can say that honestly, having spent 1.5 years in regression therapy to clear out past lives. There was an astrologer too who got my birthday wrong. Well….

That is sort of what can happen when you ‘get high’ on yourself and plug into the wrong realm in order to channel. So it’s understandable – but in a way – it doesn’t call for respect.




Nov 22

Circling the Wormhole

wormhole-space-timeby Zen Gardner

Time once again appears to be behaving strangely. Not just the surreal blender of the whirled news, but the little slippages here and there, abrupt realizations that it’s not the time or date you thought it was. Things like that. Are you noticing? Time moving very quickly, strange sort of head spinning feelings when trying to track your thoughts, memory lapses, sense of fatigue for no good reason, or ringing in the ears with a touch of vertigo? It’s freaky. There are a lot of influences at work right now. Some good, some bad.

Perhaps we may have hit the edge of the wormhole in some sense. Or are there competing wormholes?

That’s an exotic thought perhaps. But that’s what appears to be happening in many ways. The overall perspective of the awakening was easier to see from afar just a year or two ago. Now the picture is getting muddled and appears like a hodgepodge of swirling influences and resultant reactions. Things are mixing together like the colors in a young child’s finger painting.

It’s apparently because we have entered some kind of vortex perhaps, where time and space subduct like esoteric tectonic plates. What we’re seeing in the surreal whirled about us is just another manifestation. The rapid acceleration of their plan is designed to throw us off, much like fast changing scenes in an action movie. If you get swept into it the results can be distracting and very disempowering.

We need to be careful to dodge the spiraling flak while maneuvering into and even reveling in the true energetic vortex. It’s nothing to fear as long as we’re aware of what’s going on around us and stay on our toes.  The changes are changing and the winds are picking up.

It’s a great time for letting go – but it will not be a pleasant ride for those who refuse to loosen their grip.




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